Beginning Aug 1st:

Deliveries & surgeries will be also available at the new
Castle Rock Adventist Hospital.

Also Coming Soon:
Our Castle Rock office will be moving to the new
Castle Rock Adventist Hospital campus
(2352 Meadows Blvd Suite 255, Castle Rock CO 80109)
and will begin seeing patients there on 7-16-13.        

Why Choose a Certified Nurse Midwife?

A nurse midwife has the time to give her patients the personal attention they desire. She believes that pregnancy and delivery are natural processes that a woman's body innately knows how to do.

A nurse midwife encourages good nutrition, staying active, pregnancy and childbirth education, and personal responsibility for your own body and baby.

It is important to educate yourself about the choices you have in the birth of your baby.

A nurse midwife supports breastfeeding and helps you achieve successful breastfeeding if that is your choice.

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Care and Midwife Experience

Pregnancy and childbirth are a very special time for a woman and her family. At South Denver OB GYN we offer you the opportunity to experience this very special moment in your life with a caring and experienced nurse midwife.

Nurse midwives facilitate normal uncomplicated pregnancy, labor and delivery. Our goal is to assist you to have the birthing experience you desire. Pregnancy is a natural part of womanhood.

We believe in self education and personal decision making for what you desire for yourself and your baby.

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